After being diagnosed with Lyme Disease and watching several close family and friends fight and overcome health issues through nutrition, Bethany was convinced that changing her diet would help to decrease her symptoms of Lyme. This journey has led Dr. Bethany to the Raw Life Café and Juice Bar.

Dr. Bethany resides in New Hampshire with her husband Jeremy and three children, Noah, Jonas, and Jewell. Bethany fell in love with health and 

Dr.Jilian was born and raised in New Hampshire. She is a graduate of The University of New Hampshire and Cleveland Chiropractic College. She opened Awakening Chiropractic in Tilton, in 2009 in order to bring family wellness to the lakes region. Dr. Jilian leads the community with education on health and wellness and the understanding that the body heals it self. In 2011 Dr. Jilian and her daughter were diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Through their natural healing journey, nutrition became a main factor in 

 wellness after a rowing injury in college. She obtained her primary certification 20+ years ago and focused on Kickboxing, she taught for the University of New Hampshire and University of Guam. She followed that up with a certification in Body Pump and obtained her personal training certification where she applied her knowledge of strengthening and elongation to aid her clients in carving their physiques and integrated injury prevention exercises. Bethany is also a certified yoga instructor. She instructs Mixed martial Arts, Pilates, Body Combat, Cardio Dance, Spinning, Zumba, and elongation.

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Bethany has a doctorate in leadership with focus on Organizational behavior, which she applies as a CEO of C.O.R.E. Vocational services LLC. This Organization provides vocational and independent living skills training to students. C.O.R.E now provides services to 13 schools, two area agencies, and three vendor companies.

Dr. Bethany Bilodeau BS, MBA, DA, CESP

Raw Life Founders:

Dr. Jilian Stogniew, DC, RYT

 regaining their health and overcoming Lyme. Again the importance of nutrition came to the forefront in her life when one of her best friends was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 35. Wanting to make  healthy food available to our community is the driving force behind The Raw Life Café and Juice Bar. Dr. Jilian constantly

promotes  the fact that health and healing is a constant journey that never has an end. We should

all be making steps each day to make healthy choices in order to prevent chronic diseases. 

Dr. Jilian has made her home in Sanbornton, NH with her husband Bryan, son Sebastian, and

daughter Lucia. She is an avid marathon runner and enjoys hiking, biking and, camping with her